Our Story

Welcome to Cocoa Beach Fish Camp, where the laid-back charm of coastal living meets the bold flavors of the bayou! Nestled just a block away from the picturesque Cocoa Beach Pier in the historic Mousetrap Building, our restaurant is a true gem offering a unique dining experience. We take pride in serving "swamp food with a flair," showcasing the rich culinary traditions of the Southern swamplands. From crispy fried gator bites to mouthwatering burgers, savory gumbo, and a sensational bayou crawfish boil, our menu is a celebration of bold and delicious flavors.

We're not just about the food – we're about creating memories and fostering a vibrant community spirit. Step into our inviting space, where the salty breeze from the ocean mingles with the warmth of Southern hospitality. Our fun and welcoming vibe sets the stage for a variety of events, from lively karaoke nights to the excitement of midget wrestling, the glamour of drag shows, and the friendly competition of game nights. It's not just a meal; it's an experience at Cocoa Beach Fish Camp, where every dish tells a story, and every gathering feels like a celebration. Join us for a taste of the South, a splash of the ocean, and a whole lot of fun!